Classic Car Rentals Give You Both The Opportunity To Enjoy & Privacy

At present most people have a craving for classic cars. They haven’t lost love for classic cars even if they aren’t manufactured anymore! They are very popular in several events like Weddings, Corporate Events, Night Outs, Bar Mitzvahs, Photo Movie Shoots, Theme Parties & Events, Proms, and Award Shows! Why not! Classic Car Rental adds the perfect finishing touch to a special day. A special occasion featuring a vintage or classic car is something unique. It will make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Classic Car Rentals

There are so many different options to reserve classic car rentals for a wedding or special occasion! But, finding the right option can be a concern for many people in Orange County. That is why, you should contact Claremont Vintage Limo – a leading Classic Car Rental near Orange County, that serves the surrounding areas. You will be impressed by the collection of fleets they have for you. Some of the classic cars they have for you include an old all-white 1965 Princes Rolls Classic Car, a Black or White 1958 Princes Rolls Classic Car, and a Trachoma Cream1936 Ford Phaeton Classic Car. Each Classic Car is maintained to the highest standards. Rest assured that you will be pleased with the quality you will get when you book Classic Car Rentals with Claremont Vintage Limo!

Life’s great moments should be celebrated and experienced to the fullest! A specially celebrated occasion will look back with joy and pride in the years to come. Hiring a classic car hire or self-drive classic car hire, could be the option to make the special occasion memorable. Are you searching for a reliable Classic Car Rental near you in Orange County? Claremont Vintage Limo is the number one platform to make your classic car dreams come true! They will offer you a ride in one of their timeless cars. It will make your special day an unforgettable experience.

The Classic Car Rentals are perfect for occasions such as Weddings, milestone birthday parties, night-out celebrations, engagement parties, and much more you desire. Whatever you plan, the Classic Car Rental in Orange County could be your first choice. It provides suggestions for any of the fine fleets to be used. The car rental providers keep the vehicles looking their best. So that you can enjoy using them for all of your unique needs.

Are you ready to reserve your Classic Car in Orange County, contact Claremont Vintage Limo today! They will show you the service quality that makes you more than happy. They will answer your questions and get you booked with any one of the fine classic cars. Whatever that special occasion might be, let Claremont Vintage Limo be a part of your special day! They not only provide exclusive Classic Car Rentals in Orange County but promise an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

How to Have Classic Car Rentals in Orange County for Your Wedding

If you think for your wedding in Orange County it is only important to have the best wedding cake, photographer or videographer then you are wrong. Having a classic car also have the same importance. The classic car will help you to arrive in style at the wedding venue and have a grand exit after the reception. Having Classic Car Rentals in Orange County will help to have beautiful memories of your wedding. You need to remember a wedding is a ceremony where you tell a story traditionally and symbolically. The story starts with a grand arrival with parents and ends with the emotional send-off of the bride and groom. In such a situation a classic car plays an important role.

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How to Have a Classic Car at Your Wedding

If you have in mind to have a vintage-style wedding, then you cannot avoid having luxurious Car Rentals in Orange County from a reputed transport organization. The car will help you to have a fashionable, luxurious ride, and have a wonderful photo-op backdrop. If you desire to select the best transport organization to hire a classic limo, it is wise to keep in mind the below considerations.


When you try searching for Car Rentals near Orange County you may have a long list of transport organizations. You need to select a limo rental organization that is reliable, licensed, and insured. If you do otherwise, then you and the limo organization will jointly be liable in case of any mishap. So, before selecting a limo rental organization make sure that you have a copy of the license and the insurance paper with you.


You need to inspect a classic car before you select that to be your wedding transport. It is not wise to depend on pictures as they may not be the one for the car you intend to hire or may be cropped. So, having a personal look will ensure that you have a quality car to transport you are your bride to and from the wedding venue.

On-Time Services

You will often hear that the wedding limo did not arrive on time and disrupted the entire flow of the ceremony. You need to make certain that the Classic Car Rental Organization in Orange County that you select has the reputation to offer on-time services. You also need to make certain that you have the contact details of the chauffeur at the time of booking.


It is wise to hire a classic car rental organization with a stellar reputation. It is easy to understand the reputation of an organization by having a look at the client reviews and their years in business.

If you base your search for Classic Car Rentals near Orange County on these aspects, the name that will stand out is Claremont Vintage Limo. They have been offering the best classic car rental since 1991 and you can expect to hire a nicely restored and well-maintained car on your wedding day. To have a quote call them at (909) 877 3565.