Exploring Chile’s Wine Culture: A Visit to Santa Rita Vineyard and Old Cellar

Chile is renowned for its vibrant wine culture and breathtaking vineyards, and at the heart of this rich heritage lies the iconic Santa Rita Vineyard and Old Cellar. Nestled just 45 minutes away from Santiago, in the foothill zone of Alto Jahuel, Buin, Santa Rita Winery offers visitors an immersive experience into Chile’s wine traditions, cultural heritage, and gastronomic delights.

A Historical Journey:

Santa Rita Winery boasts a fascinating history that dates back to the 19th century, making it one of Chile’s oldest and most esteemed wine estates. The vineyard’s old cellar, with its rustic charm and historic ambiance, serves as a testament to the centuries-old winemaking tradition that has shaped Chile’s wine culture.

Natural Beauty Surrounds:

As you step onto the grounds of Santa Rita Vineyard, you’re greeted by an extraordinary natural environment. The vineyard is set amidst picturesque landscapes, with rolling hills, lush vineyards, and stunning views that create a serene and captivating atmosphere. It’s the perfect setting for a wine tasting journey.

Santa Rita Winery Tour

Wine Tours to Suit Every Palate:

Santa Rita Winery offers a range of wine tours that cater to every taste and preference. The Classic Tour introduces visitors to the estate’s history, vineyards, and winemaking process, culminating in a delightful wine tasting experience of their aged wines, along with a wine glass gift to take home.

For a more personalized experience, the Classic Private Tour allows guests to delve deeper into Santa Rita’s wines and heritage with a private tasting session and wine glass souvenir.

For wine enthusiasts looking for an elevated experience, the Premium and Ultra Premium Tours offer exclusive tastings of Santa Rita’s iconic wines, paired with gourmet delights such as cheese boards and dried fruits, set against the backdrop of breathtaking views.

Unique Experiences:

Santa Rita Winery goes beyond traditional wine tours, offering unique experiences like the Wine Maker Experience. Here, participants get to design their own blend, participate in the blending process, bottle their creation, cork it, label it, wax-seal it, and of course, taste it. Each participant takes home their personalized bottle, a wine glass, and a souvenir apron as a memento of this unforgettable experience.


A visit to Santa Rita Vineyard and Old Cellar is more than just a wine tasting experience; it’s a journey through Chile’s wine culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Santa Rita Winery offers an array of tours and experiences that promise to delight your senses and leave you with a deeper appreciation for Chilean wines and traditions. Cheers to exploring Chile’s wine culture at Santa Rita Winery!