Elegant Travel from Rome to Sorrento: Experience Italy’s Southern Charm

Naples, nestled in Southern Italy, is one of the world’s most ancient cities, beautifully positioned on the Bay of Naples. Close to the legendary Mount Vesuvius, this vibrant city is celebrated for its rich artistic heritage and architectural splendors, including landmarks like the opulent Royal Palace and the medieval Castel Nuovo. Famous for its historic and architectural marvels, Naples’ central attractions are the Piazza del Plebiscito, surrounded by the Royal Palace, the city’s oldest opera house, leading shopping areas, and cultural centers.

Private car hire from Rome to Sorrento

Positano, a charming village along the Amalfi Coast, is known for its picturesque landscape, featuring a small pebbled beach, vibrant shops, quaint cafes, and exquisite pottery shops lining its narrow, winding streets. Famous for its handmade crystal-studded sandals, Positano stands out as a lavish and scenic resort, offering breathtaking views of the Salerno Gulf. Key attractions include the Santa Maria Assunta church with its stunning majolica-tiled dome and an ancient Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary.

En route to Positano from Naples, a visit to the enchanting village of Ravello is a must. Renowned for its historical villas and breathtaking sea views, Ravello’s highlights include Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, famous for their expansive gardens, fountains, and panoramic views of the Gulf. Ravello is also celebrated as a music hub, hosting the Ravello Festival, the Ravello Concert Society, and a dynamic cultural scene.

The Amalfi Coast, stretching from Naples to Positano, is a picturesque drive marked by cliffs, beaches, and vibrant fishing villages, making it a favored holiday destination. Its rich cultural and historical heritage draws visitors to its romantic seafront. The route from Salerno to Sorrento is lined with elegant villas, vineyards, and lemon groves perched on cliffs. The Amalfi Cathedral, a medieval marvel with exquisite interiors and artwork, and a museum showcasing the region’s traditional paper-making craft, are must-visit landmarks.

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