Having Classic Car Rental or Hiring Limos – Which is Best for Wedding

Couples spend a considerable amount on wedding transportation. So, is it not wise to use that money to have a Classic Car Rental in Malibu rather than hire a limo? If you still have confusion about why having a classic car rental is a better option, it is best to continue reading to know some of the valid reasons.

Making a Statement

It is common for guests to notice the bride and groom descending from limos in a wedding venue. They also watch limos, especially during prom sessions. So, if you have hired a stretch limo for your wedding, it will not surprise your guests. However, classic cars are not expected at wedding venues in Malibu. So, you can easily make a statement and astonish your spouse and guests if you hire a classic car. 

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Best of Wedding Photos

You must have noticed the wedding photo of your parents in different pose alongside a limo. It is common to see such wedding pictures. Using a limo as a backdrop for wedding photos has lost its uniqueness. However, irrespective of where you park a classic car, it can be a unique backdrop for your wedding pictures. Your guests will also love to take the chance of clicking their candid images in front of a classic car. 

Have Intimate Experience

Yes, having an intimate moment with your spouse is possible when you drive in a limo after your marriage. However, as limos are spacious, some of your friends or guests may be accompanying you, hampering your privacy. On the other hand, classic cars are big and have enough space for you and your spouse. Therefore, you will not feel cramped and have a comfortable room to seat, but there will be none to hamper your well-deserved privacy after the wedding. 

Have a Private Connection

Adding a private touch to your wedding day is possible if you hire a classic car. It may be that your grandparents had a 1936 Ford Phaeton Car, and you desire to have such a car at your wedding. It is possible if you have a Classic Car Rental in Malibu from a reputed transport agency. You can astonish your spouse by hiring a favored classic car as your wedding transport. However, it is not possible to have such a private connection by hiring a limo. Limos are convenient; however, they fail to make a personal statement. 

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Ideal for a Vintage Theme

It may be that you have a vintage theme for your wedding. If you hire a limo, it would not fit into the theme accurately. On the other hand, if you hire a classic car, it is possible to incorporate even your mode of wedding transportation into the theme. Think of the situation when you and your spouse descend from a classic car, dressed in a vintage wedding dress at a wedding venue having a vintage theme. 

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