Why Choose Long Term Car Hire?

Whether you are taking an extended vacation, driving across the country, or simply wanting to tack on a few leisurely weekend getaways during month long business trips, Exclusive Limo offers long term care hire options.


Long term car hire options are for travelers looking for the ease and flexibility that come with renting a vehicle for a long period of time. Roam around and discover new places without the stress of booking a car every week.


With the Exclusive Limo long term car hire package, you get an opportunity to save big, while renting a car for a month or longer in Singapore. Our simple yet modern car booking system provides the best, unique, and hassle-free travel experience.



Long Term Car Rental


Unlike short term daily car rental services, long term car hire serves the same purpose but for a longer period of time. When compared to hiring short term car rental options on a regular basis, you can definitely save money on car rentals this way.


A long term car rental contract allows you to rent a car for a few months or extend the contract over time, depending on your needs. 


How long term car hire can benefit you and your business?


Flexible contract terms: One of the key benefits of long term monthly car hire is that you and your business are not tied to a fixed term commitment. With an easy payment method, you can forward plan your budget and costs. In the case of any changes in your plan, you can return the vehicle with no penalty.


No depreciation costs: As soon as a new car is driven off the forecourt its value suffers from depreciation. With long term car hires you do not worry about this. All you will pay for is the use of the vehicle and its fuel.



A wide variety of vehicles: When it comes to buying a new vehicle, your choice can sometimes be limited based on your budget. But this is not the case when it comes to long term car hire packages. Car rental companies offer a wide range of vehicles for their customers to choose from. From luxurious models to MPVs to city cars, there will always be a vehicle to suit your needs.


24*7 service support: Customers are able to use the 24hrs rental hotline to manage their vehicle rentals from start to finish, 24*7. From efficient repeating booking capabilities to a full range of service support. Not only does it give you control on the go, it also means that you can have a peace of mind, not having to worry about breakdown without assistance.



So, there you have it, all the benefits of long term car hire. Exclusive Limo provides flexible car rental options ranging from short term to long term rentals catering to your every need. You can get in touch with us at +(65) 62850020 for any queries. Tell us your requirements, and we will come up with the tailored option that best suits you!


In a nutshell, long term car hire for your business allows you to more easily adapt to new changes while getting several other flexibility and benefits.